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Doctor in the heart of Chicago

Are you…in the top 1% of treatment providers for popular services?

You need…to differentiate yourself and dominate the market.

The solution…is the CTP marketing system the connects you with motivated patients. A personalized website and customized ads ensure that you stay ahead of the pack.

Holistic dentist serving the twin cities

Are you…a specialized or holistic dentist with an impressive track-record?

You need…to spread the word and reach a wider audience.

The solucion…is CTP’s magic marketing machine. Go beyond what’s possible with conventional advertising; leverage the power of the internet to multiply your client base exponentially.

Holistic dentist in Long Beach

Are you…a truly unique dentist who offers state-of-the-art care?

You need…to streamline new patient onboarding, and answer common questions quickly.

The solution…is a custom-crafted website that is fully equipped with informational resources for potential patients. Educate your audience, and conserve your most valuable resource: your time.

Premier dentist in small-town Ohio

Are you…the most experienced dentist in your area?

You need…to ensure that you’re promoted as the rock star that you are.

The solution…is the Connect to Patients magic marketing system. We learn all about what makes you exceptional, and voilá! We optimize your web presence!

Small-town practice surrounded by other dentist

Are you…competing for patients in a saturated market?

You need…to stand out from the crowd.

The solution…is a custom-made website combined with targeted internet advertising. With the CTP marketing machine, you can rise above the competition.

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