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How It Works

Create a persuasive website

Your website is your calling card—it’s your “home base” in the digital world. At it’s our job to make sure that your website clearly communicates why and how you’re unique as a dentist.


We create customized, persuasive websites for our clients. Distinctive content clearly communicates your worth to potential patients. Relevant Before & After pictures allow people to visualize what’s possible with state-of-the-art dental care. Genuine testimonials help patients feel comfortable and confident pursuing treatment. A well-crafted website should function as an extension of your practice.

Ensure that patients can find you

Now it’s time to make sure that, when potential patients search for dental services, your website comes up. The magic of connecting targeted patients to your site is all about utilizing the right keywords. The first step is for our team to research what types of keywords are most commonly used by patients in your target demographic.


Once we’ve zeroed in on important keywords, we use them throughout your site—this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also craft Google Ads for appropriate keywords. These ads show up when potential patients search for specific terms; the ads link directly to your website. This is called Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Over time we track and compare every keyword and Google ad that we use—this allows us to continually improve your advertising outcomes.

Systematically follow-up with potential patients

When you are able to follow-up with potential patients in a timely manner, you exponentially increase the likelihood that they will schedule an appointment or consultation. The system automates this process.


Patients can ask questions and schedule appointments directly through your site. They also have access to informational downloads and email campaigns about specific treatments and technologies. Using our well-honed system, you can begin developing a lively patient-doctor dynamic before your patient even walks through the door.

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